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Another brand that integrates the wax seal is Hot Drop Sauce, a premium hot sauce brand specializing in lacto-fermented hot sauces. "We drew inspiration from brands like Maker's Mark by adding the dripping wax seal," shares Andrew Whiting, Founder of Hot Drops. The bottle showcases a wax seal the same color as each sauce's label.  

"The wax drip cap creates a seamless transition of color from the label to the seal, enhancing the visual appeal and maintaining a cohesive aesthetic throughout the packaging," mentions Whiting. "It also acts as a physical embodiment of the brand name and continuation of the label color, and it symbolizes the artisanal process behind the sauce's creation. Just like the time-intensive fermentation process that enriches the flavor profile, adding the wax seal highlights the craftsmanship and attention to detail involved in our production."

Whiting goes on to share that it creates an emotional, hands-on experience, similar to the thrill of unwrapping a birthday gift or, on a less exciting but still delightful tactile experience, opening a BabyBel Mini Cheese wheel as a kid. "The act of unwrapping our sauce becomes an interactive and nostalgic experience for our consumers," he states. 


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