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Hot Drops is made in small batches with all locally sourced ingredients from Sonoma County. Organic and vegan, the sauce has no calories and is made through a process known as lacto-fermentation.

What the FUNK is Lacto-fermentation?

Think of your gut as a garden

Just like a garden needs the right nutrients, water, and care to thrive – these are your prebiotics. Your gut needs the right balance of microorganisms to stay healthy – these are your probiotics.

Our lacto-fermented hot sauces act as the ‘guardians of your gut,’ providing you with the uber-beneficial byproduct of the prebiotics and probiotics; the postbiotics that help keep it healthy and strong.

Our range of sauces, including the ocean-inspired "Briney Boi" and the mildly spicy "Fres-Yes," are all crafted using this traditional fermentation method. We take pride in offering hot sauces that not only excite the taste buds but also contribute to overall gut health.

Producing Postbiotics

Through fermentation, Hot Drops are loaded with bioactive compounds called postbiotics. They’re made when the healthy bacteria in your gut ferment fiber.

This healthy bacteria helps break down food and aids in nutrient absorption, while also boosting your immune system and reducing inflammation. They also possess anti-inflammatory effects, which can contribute to overall well-being by lowering the risk of chronic inflammatory conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Furthermore, Postbiotics have been associated with metabolic health benefits, including weight management and blood sugar regulation.

How does it shake up the flavor

Lacto-fermentation can enhance the flavor profile of hot sauce. We like to think of it as taking the spiky notes and making them round making the flavor profile more cohesive. The process not only adds a tangy and complex taste but also helps to mellow out the heat of the peppers. This allows for a more well-rounded and enjoyable culinary experience.