Tune in to see founder, Andrew, grace the screen on Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars every Wednesday!


Santa Rosa resident Andrew Whiting is the owner of Hot Drops, a line of fermented hot sauces that he makes, sells online and at the Santa Rosa Farmers Market on Farmers Lane.

Whiting has teamed up recently with several restaurants for hot sauce-based collabs and is planning more in the coming months.

Redbird Bakery in Cotati is using his Taco Boyz hot sauce on a pizza inspired by Taco Bell’s hugely popular Mexican pizza, which made a triumphant return to menus 18 months ago. Fern Bar in Sebastopol includes his Fresno chili-based hot sauce, FresYes, in its Bloody Mary.

He believes hot sauce and the Super Bowl are the perfect pair — maybe even better than Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce — and no matter which popular food you might serve, hot sauce works with pretty much all of them.

“It is one of the most underrated and gate-kept ingredients in kitchens, specifically in sports bars,” said Whiting. “In my experience, it’s the unsung hero as an ingredient in those kitchens.”

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